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Representing You In Personal Injury Court

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From slips, trips and falls to a death case occurring in the parking lot of a commercial mall, the Kolodny Law Firm has helped numerous clients recover for serious injuries and losses that are attributed to poor maintenance and attention to details in the upkeep of commercial properties.

Certainly, getting injured on a company’s property due to its negligence can be frustrating and confusing. Many potential premises liability clients are told before they call the Kolodny Law Firm that they do not have a case, but what they do not know until they call us is that if the case is handled diligently, zealously, and with the utmost attention to detail utilizing precise arguments substantiated by evidence born from intense discovery, their case can be matured to financial recovery.

For starters, understanding premises liability law in Texas is essential. The Kolodny Law Firm has that covered. We know the case law in Texas; we have seen most if not all of the defenses to these claims in past Court battles, and we know exactly how to navigate these treacherous waters to moor your case in the harbor of financial recovery, not an easy task given the myriad of defenses available to corporations in these cases.

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Know Your Rights

For example, did you know that if a hazard is considered “open and obvious,” you are unlikely to recover for the injuries that it caused?

However, did you know that we also have to prove the Defendant knew or should have known of the hazard? You might ask yourself how a hazard can both not be obvious to you but also known to the Defendant before you were injured. You need an experienced lawyer to handle a premises liability case. Please call us at the Kolodny Law Firm to discuss how we can help you with your premises liability case.

Workplace injury claims are another big practice area for the Kolodny Law Firm. Numerous small and large employers throughout Texas have chosen not to enroll (subscribe) in the Texas Worker’s Compensation statutory program.
By making this choice, these employers often operate workplace injury plans or benefit plans as they are sometimes called.

Often, these plans confuse injured employees, who are led to think that the plan is Texas statutory Worker’s Compensation when the plan is not. Slips, trips and falls are some of the most common ways we see employees get injured at work, though many other accidents occur at work including those with heavy machinery. Non-subscriber employers lose the defense of your negligence in the accident, but if you are unrepresented, the employer will try to prove where possible that your injuries were pre-existing, meaning the medical conditions were there before the claimed accident occurred.

If you were hurt on the job at one of the employers, which has chosen not to subscribe (non-subscriber), please give us a call and don’t wait as the more time you go unrepresented in the company’s treatment plan, the more time you will give the company to build up its defenses to your claim. We have successfully handled many cases just like yours!

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One Step Ahead

Our firm has worked with countless insurance companies; therefore, we understand the complexities of their procedures.

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Building Your Case

Kolodny Law Firm sends letters to the insurance providers immediately and ensures they know of your representation.

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Achieving Your Goals

Our network of doctors and facilities we work with will assist you to get high quality treatment for your injuries.

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