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The general purpose of tugboats is to transport goods and tug large vessels which may be stranded for one reason or another. In doing so, heavy duty winches and cables are used to secure the cargo and/or vessel. Huge amounts of horsepower and weight is at play in these endeavors and as such, the risk for injury is ever present. The Kolodny Law Firm knows the kinds of accidents that can arise from insufficient training and human error, and we also know what vessel owners and operators are liable for should an unfortunate tugboat accident occur. We have the experience in Jones Act law to make sure that the injured party is compensated for any negligence in a just and fair manner.


Collisions can oftentimes play a part in tugboat accident injuries. If not careful and experienced, tugboats can collide with other tugboats, maritime vessels and docks while pursuing their purpose.

Transitioning from one vessel to another, or to a dock, can also prove problematic. External conditions, such as rain, or general slipperiness can make for very dangerous conditions to navigate, resulting in injury.

Tow lines and winches can cause major bodily harm if they break. Given their weight and length and tension, if one breaks, it can sweep across the deck of a tugboat at very high speeds, causing back injuries and other bone fractures, depending on its point of impact.

Understaffing can also be a major factor in injuries suffered on tugboats. If not adequately staffed, the workforce can be overworked, leading to fatigue and lapses in judgement. It is an employer’s responsibility to ensure a safe working environment, which includes having enough staff on hand.

The tugboat accident lawyers at the Kolodny Law Firm understand the ins and outs of maritime law as it pertains to tugboats, barges and various other maritime vessels. Holding employers accountable to the rights of maritime workers is what we have years of experience doing, and we will aggressively fight for your rights if you or a loved one has been injured. Call us today.

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It’s relatively easy to assume that the worst of a tugboat accident is the physical pain involved. Often, major back, spine or neck injuries are at the forefront of a victims’ mindset, as well as their loved ones. However, our experience has shown that there is far more involved than just the physical aspect. Medical bills, wages lost during the recovery period and future wages at risk because of prolonged injury after effects are all part of what the basket injury lawyers at the Kolodny Law Firm have at the forefront of their minds when helping the victims of tugboat accidents. We strive to hold companies accountable for their actions or negligence in putting hard workers at risk.

During the initial consultation, we will discuss the auto accident in detail to discover more about your legal needs. We will review all of the documents and reports, and provide you with our legal advice. We handle all communication with the insurance companies – especially aggressive negotiations. Most importantly, we can calculate the full extent of your losses and prepare a solid case for recovery.

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